Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 New CU/PU Sea Packs in store!

5 New CU/PU Sea Packs in store!
Each Sea Pack has tons of gorgeous sea elements to add in your scrap kits! All 5 packs have a variety of sea related items in many different colors. Included in each pack are 2 beautiful reef rock clusters along with each element used to create them plus water, sand, and sea life!
Sea Pack 1 - 42 CU/PU elements, Sea Pack 2 - 38 CU/PU elements, Sea Pack 3 - 40 CU/PU elements, Sea Pack 4 - 40 CU/PU elements, and Sea Pack 5 - 42 CU/PU elements

Scraps & Company
Pics For Design
Scraps and Tubes
Spazz'd Art
Render Art World
Twilight Scraps

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